Google’s April Fool’s Day Prank

Google is an internet Giant with its services in almost every country. Google is moving forward in every field whether it is mobile platforms, better web experience or Social media. Google believes in socializing with its users. As part of which Google also celebrated the Aprils fool day. every year Google plays a prank with its users making this day fun.

This year Google has gone way farther with its prank Google has pranked us with many things. Google has released a product in Japan with the name of Google panda which uses the voice communication system of Google now and communicates with the people around it. It is made in the form of a fluffy panda.

Google has turned its maps into the PacMan game the classic game which never gets old. You can go to any location on the map with a good number of road or streets Drop the pin and use your direction keys to control the Game. Google has done this game prank in past too. Dreamland by Nintendo was used as a prank in 2012 by Google.

For chrome mobile users Google has added a feature called #ChromeSelfie which enables you to take a Selfie of your reactions for a webpage.

Google has released a new Url for its Google search engine “” it displays everything mirrored from text to image search results. Google has released videos Promoting its Smartbox, Party Horn controlled typing module, Dial Up Mode (slow internet speed).

All the videos are a means to prank people but the “Dial Up Mode” is somewhat more than just a prank it gives a message in its own way. As the cyber era is snatching our important time from us. we have no time to interact with family and friends with so fast internet connections for constant media streaming. it tells us to stop and look around for a change in our life.

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